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My neighbors are still going with their party. I called the cops on them twice before last year.

Finally done cleaning my entire room phew.

I just walked outside to check up on my grill ya know make sure it wasn’t jacked. And like this is the closest to sneaking out and man it’s so easy. Ain’t no even hear me open all three doors to get outside.

I just ordered a hanging closet drawer organizer thing and I’m just really excited.

No that’s a high low

UNICEF used American Apparel for their tshirts.
Problematic and messy.

My closet goes from looking like a child to a damn thot


Just listening to Pac ain’t gone make it stop/ A rebel in your thoughts, ain’t gon make it halt/ If you don’t become an actor you’ll never be a factor/ Pills with million side effects/ Take em when the pains felt/ Wash them down with Diet soda!/ Killin off your brain cells/ Crooked banks around the World/ Would gladly give a loan today/ So if you ever miss a payment/ They can take your home away!

Going through my closet like why did I buy this crap

I honestly feel like I still write my essays like an elementary school kid.